måndag, november 01, 2010

Jag har bättre musiksmak än dig...iPod random shuffle!

Todays is the day - "In the eyes of god"
Will haven - "Saga"
Eril Enocksson - "(I)"
Year of no light - "Perséphone II"
Radiohead - "No suprise"
Faith no more - "Jizzlobber"
Ulver - "Lost in moments"
Counterblast - "Reasons to react"
Unsane - "Can´t see"
World burns to death - "Open wound"
Xasthur - "The darkest light"
Empire of the sun - "Walking on a dream"
Dystopia - "Slaved chains"
Melvins - "Teet"
Helios - "Paper tiger"
Neurosis - "Burn"
Integrity - "Forevers horizon"
Antaeus - "Gates to the outside"
Depeche mode - "Waiting for the night"
Deathspell omega - "The shrine of mad laughter"

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