torsdag, december 31, 2009



Converge - "Axe to fall"
Tombs - "Winter hours"
Funeral mist - "Maranatha"
Mastodon - "Crack the skye"
Junius - "The martyrdom of a catastrophist"
Rise and fall - "Our circle is vicious"
Abandon - "The dead end"
Buried inside - "Spoils of failure"
Cobalt - "Gin"
Katharsis - "Fourth reich"

Altar of plagues - "White tomb"
Drudkh - "Microcosmos"
Griftegård - "Solemn, sacred, severe"
The mars volta - "Octahedron"
Mono - "Hymn to the immortal wind"
Monarque - "Ad nauseam"
Blacklisted - "No one deserves to be here more than me"
Burnt by the sun - "Heart of darkness"
Caspian - "Tertia"
Constants - "The foundation, the machine, the ascension"


"The road"
"District 9"
"The hurt locker"
"The boy in stripped pyjamas"
"A serious man"
"Fantastic, Mr. Fox"


Neurosis - Debaser Medis, Stockholm
Amenra - Debaser Medis, Stockholm
Massive attack - Globen Annexet, Stockholm

onsdag, december 30, 2009

Playlist December

Amenra - "Afterlife"
Blacklisted - "No one deserves to be here more than me"
Blueneck - "The fallen host"
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - "The road"
Katharsis - "Fourth reich"
Ken mode - "Mennonite"
Saviours - "Accelerated living"
The gates of slumber - "Hymns of blood and thunder"
Tribulation - "The horror"
East of the wall/Rosetta/Year of no light - "Split"

tisdag, december 01, 2009


Om du inte redan kollat in brittiska Architects så föreslår jag att du gör det. "Hollow crown" är ute nu och släppt av Century media.

Np: Architects - "Hollow crown"