tisdag, juni 30, 2009

Playlist Juni

Bat for lashes - "Two suns"
Coalesce - "Ox"
Drudkh - "Microcosmos"
Glorior belli - "Meet us at the southern sign"
Goatwhore - "Carving out the eyes of god"
Kongh - "Shadows of the shapeless"
Mars volta, The - "Octahedron"
Minsk - "With echoes in the movement of stone"
Narrows - "New distances"
Pelican - "Ephemeral"

Craft - "Fuck the universe"
Dissection - "Storm of the light´s bane"
Envy - "A dead sinking story"
Esbjörn Svensson trio - "Tuesday wonderland"
Iron monkey - "Our problem"
Orchid - "Chaos in me"
Quicksand - "Slip"
Radiohead - "Kid a"
Sleep - "Jerusalem"
Yob - "Catharsis"

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