onsdag, december 31, 2008



This will destroy you - "This will destroy you"
Leviathan - "Massive conspiracy against all life"
Russian circles - "Station"
Mgla - "Groza"
Nachtmystium - "Assassins - The black meddle pt. 1"
Genghis tron - "Board up the house"
Cursed - "III - Architects of troubled sleep"
Mogwai - "The hawk is howling"
Mouth of the architects - "Quietly"
Us christmas - "Eat the low dogs"

Bohren & der club of gore - "Dolores"
Wetnurse - "Invisible city"
Satyricon - "The age of nero"
These arms are snakes - "Tail swallover and dove"
Cult of luna - "Eternal kingdom"
Bison b.c. - "Quiet earth"
Cynic - "Traced in air"
Intronaut - "Prehistorisisms"
Early graves - "We - The guillotine
Akimbo - "Jersey shores"


The wrestler
There will be blood
Låt den rätta komma in
Downloading nancy
Into the wild 
The dark knight
Thing we lost in the fire
Lust, caution
Hellboy - The golden army
De ofrivilliga


Neurosis - Kanonhallen, Oslo
The dillinger escape plan - Klubben, Stockholm
This will destroy you - Kägelbanan, Stockholm
Mogwai - Cirkus, Stockholm
Cursed - Debaser Slussen, Stockholm
Biohazard - Debaser Slussen, Stockholm
Cult of luna - Debaser Medis, Stockholm
Mastodon - Globen Annexett, Stockholm
At the gates - Debaser Medis, Stockholm
Magna carta cartel - Urban outfitters, Stockholm

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Tämligen kass år, hoppas nästa blir bättre!

J L sa...

Tycker att det varit rätt så bra men med många "nya" namn.

M sa...

Håller med Claudio även om vi bara hade en skiva gemensamt på våra listor :)